Bill Clinton is a Rothschild

Who are the Rothschilds?

The Soros-Rothschild Connection

Who is George Soros?

The Clinton Connection to Fraud

The Corrupt Clinton Foundation

Blatant Clinton Benghazi Collusion with Libya

More Clinton Corruption

Clinton Foundation Donors with a not-so-hidden agenda

The Clinton-Mezvinsky-Soros Connection

Who is Edward Mezvinsky?

The Obama-Clinton-Soros Connection to Money Laundering in Africa

The Hillary Clinton-Boko Haram Connection

The Clinton-Soros Connection to Mexican Cartel/Fast and Furious

The Clinton-Bush-Masonry-Skull & Bones Connection

Hillary’s Resume

Hillary Signs Gun Control Arms Treaty with UN

The Clinton’s Bestie Al Gore and the UN’s Shocking Agenda

Hillary for Prison 2016 Tees

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