Pedophilia cases, cover-ups, and child abuse as commonplace with no repercussions

Pedophilia in Hollywood

Pedophilia and the US Government

Pedophilia in the Justice Department

George Bush Blackmails Congress using Brownstone

Pedophilia in Child Services

Pedophilia Sponsored by Clinton “Charity”

UN’s Blind Eye to Pedophilia Cover Up Sponsored by US

Pedophile Protected by Obama

Project Monarch/MK Ultra Child Abuse Stories

Project Paperclip uses Nazi scientists in CIA experiments

Naci MENGELE’s Connection to CIA’s MK Ultra – Video

Pedophilia in Foster Care and At Risk Youth Organization Boys Town / Boys Town Organization Website

American Psychiatric Association fights for pedophile rights as “minor-attracted people”

Do not fall for the transgender movement, for it will be used as the basis of granting rights for sick-o’s that molest children.  Don’t believe me? Watch the propaganda video and decide for yourself if George Soros and the Open Society Institute are making great strides with the help of Hillary Clinton and “The Shadow Party”.

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